January 20, 2015
Web 2 Site Research

Some inspirational sites:

http://www.sagmeisterwalsh.com/ – Interesting home page that uses an image of their office that is updated daily. The design page of their work examples is also nice.

http://thesearethings.com/ – Fun illustrations and nice colors. Good use of parallax scrolling.

http://grovemade.com/ – Attractive large images at the top of the site showcasing their products. Employee pictures are engaging and show a fun side to the company. They also have nice looking products.

http://ultraagency.pl/ – A nicely designed site with good use of color on a single page layout. The diamond shapes help guide the viewer down through the site. It’s not in English, but it’s still interesting to look at.

http://colabwork.com/ – Nice use of type at the top of the site. Well shot images throughout the site. An interesting idea as well.

http://barragecapital.com/en/ – Nicely animated and beautiful opening images. Angled line is a nice way to get the viewer to continue exploring the site. The FAQ  on the invest page has a nice UI.

http://typeverything.com/ – Simple design and a great resource to see interesting uses of typography. All images shown link to their creators websites. Some sayings on the site are fun to read as well.

http://wootten.com.au/process/ – Nice photography with large detailed images the show their shoe making process. Nice use of parallax scrolling on their process page.

http://lisher.net/ – The white triangle in the corner is interesting. Nice colors and examples of work as well.

http://playgroundinc.com/ – Clean, straightforward, and simple design. Fun animations with an interesting rollover effect.

Some professional sites:

http://www.creativebloq.com/ – Design blog based in europe. Contains several resources for fonts, software tips, trends, and advice. Gives links to tons of top rated stuff as well, such as fonts, WordPress themes, and design programs.

http://www.howdesign.com/ – A site full of interviews, tips, advice, tutorials, and trends. Everything is nicely organized to find any topic of interest.

http://graphicburger.com/ – A great site for graphic design mock-ups, fonts, templates, and much more. It’s all free and links to other sites that have even more free stuff available.

http://design.tutsplus.com/ – Offers a variety of tutorials to mostly adobe software as well as tips on improving design skills. Top menu shows all of the available tutorials.

http://abduzeedo.com/ – A nice site that features collections of  photography, illustration and design inspirations. Also had software tutorials and designer interviews.

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