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About Me
James Ingram

My name is James Ingram and I am currently working for a wholesale company handling advertising and catalog production. I’ve always been a creative person, drawing and writing since an early age, but when I first came in contact with a computer at the age of five, I became intrigued with computer graphics. When I entered college I wanted to learn more about computer imagery and studying graphic design became the next step. The courses allowed me to combine my love of drawing and computers providing me with an exciting creative outlet. Since then I have graduated from The University of Akron, receiving a bachelor’s in graphic design, and have been continuously working as a graphic designer. Along the way researching and coming up with new ideas for projects has been an aspect of design that I discovered I enjoy. Finding new ways to visually present information is a stimulating part of the graphic design process for me and I am thankful I get to take part in that process everyday.

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